Nerf changed the way we all played indoor basketball without a proper court; replacing trash cans and balls of paper with plastic nets and foam balls. And now you can take your scaled-down game to near NBA-caliber levels with Eastpoint's new wireless hoops and scoreboard that keeps tab on time and points complete with the simulated roar of a non-existent crowd.

For $40 you get a set of battery-powered hoops and an LED scoreboard that all talk to each other wirelessly, keeping track of who should keep pursuing their hoop dreams and who should just stay in school. It also comes with its own pair of tiny inflatable basketballs in case you want to put the hoops side-by-side for a free-throw competition. The only thing missing are your own self-branded sneakers, but that's nothing a few minutes with a Sharpie can't fix. [Amazon via 7Gadgets]