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Yeah, I know it's not a gadget, but with all the next-gen products being announced at CES, it's good to know that somebody is thinking about the software. Like Crown Castle International, which claims it can deliver live TV (DVB-H), video and audio services to all kinds of shit—from cellphones to PMPs to cars. By 2007, the company's newly-named mobile TV subsidiary Modeo LLC will deliver about 10 video channels and at least 24 audio channels to 30 U.S. markets covering about half the population. And of course, this includes content for the video-enabled iPod. Looks like costs will be about $15 to $20 a month for video and $7 to $9 for separate audio subscriptions. So get ready to put your hand BACK in your wallet, please. Nokia, LG, and Samsung have all announced support for DVB-H in Europe, Asia and yes, even here in the US.

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