LiveScribe Smartpen

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The LiveScribe Smartpen is about to make its appearance at the D conference, but we wanted to remind you about the coverage we did last night. Hop on over to this post and see for yourself. It's no smart table, but a smart pen's not too shabby either.


LiveScribe [Gizmodo]


Many people who hear or read about this without taking in the details don't seem to understand why this product is important and innovative. It is *not* like the Fly pen, etc., in that, in addition to everything those products do, it syncs audio to written text and timestamps everything you write.

For journalists, this is an absolute godsend, and I'm surprised they're not marketing more to that group.

Also, everyone seems to seize on the fact that it needs "special" paper, but the company has pointed out repeatedly that (a) the notebooks will be about 5 bucks, and (b) you can print your own paper if you don't want to buy their paper or have run out.

This is a fantastic product, and I hope it succeeds.