Logan Clip Teases X-23's Brutal Origins

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

A new “found footage” clip leading up to Logan’s release gives us a birds-eye view of what the hell happened to X-23... and it’s not pretty.


The young Wolverine clone (played by Dafne Keen) has a horrific and violent origin story, much like her genetic predecessor, and it’s fully on display here. We see her genetic creation, then she’s in surgery as her claws are bonded with adamantium, and finally she recoils in horror upon learning she can heal herself. It’s just one part of what’s sure to be a powerful portrayal of the mutant who could take Wolverine’s mantle once Hugh Jackman retires.

I’m particularly excited to see how her and Logan’s relationship develops over the course of the film, since her comic book history involves her trying to get revenge on her genetic predecessor for causing her to have such a shitty life. But he’s basically the closest thing she has to a father, and the only one who knows exactly what she’s going through, so things are sure to get complicated. Logan comes out March 1. You can watch the latest clip below.


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Mortal Dictata

I always love how utterly thick the Military/Government are in these films.

“Sir should we invest in new technology or aircraft?”

“No, instead we shall strip a young girl of all empathy and restraint before then giving her metal blades that can cut through anything and the healing ability to resist pretty much anything short of a nuclear blast.”

“What if she turns against us?”

“Why would she do that when all we’ve done is brutally beaten and torture her?”