Logging Into Twitter With Your Face

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Passwords can be forgotten, but you'll never misplace your face. And this handy bit of tech, that uses voice and facial recognition on your phone to access protected apps, shows off why we really need front-facing phone cameras.

This demo app from the European MoBio Project can log you into Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook based on face and voice alone. While it's being shown off here on a Nokia N900, an iOS and Android version are totally feasible as well. It also can't be fooled by just a photo of your face, keeping track of blinking and other dynamic movements that indicate a real user is staring down the display.

We're in the very early days of mobile face recognition still, but it's not hard to see the benefits. Especially with so much of our identity—photos, social networks, texts, contacts—wrapped up in something as easily lost or stolen as a phone, it's worth being as guarded as possible. As long as you don't mind holding off on that chin reduction you've been saving up for. [The Next Web]