Logitech Abandons That Failed Clusterf*ck Known as Google TV

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Logitech was one of the biggest pushers of Google TV. Now, after losing $100 million to this adventure, it's pulling the plug of Logitech Revue, desperately trying to sell the inventory. Logitech says it's all Google's fault: the software sucked.

Logitech's CEO Guerrino De Luca said that the "beta-quality" software wasn't ready for launch and it lacked functionality. Of course, the fact that their Logitech Revue was stupidly overpriced at $300 didn't help much either. Google has updated their software since then, adding web apps and the ability to view new content channels, but nobody is really paying attention.


Add to this the fact that Sony is now working on their own TV-of-the-future solution, since they keep losing money on the stuff they are doing now, and you would see why I'm beginning to think that no amount of porn can save this sinking ship. [Wall Street Journal, The Verge via Venture Beat]

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I'm getting kind of tired of the rampant blind Google hatred on Gizmodo lately...