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Loki Season 2 Will Now Air on Thursday Nights

The return of the Marvel show that first heralded Disney+'s move to Wednesday drops, is getting the Ahsoka treatment.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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When Loki returns for a second season next month, it’s doing so a couple of hours earlier than expected. Disney has now confirmed that the sophomore season of the Marvel series will air on Thursday nights, starting October 5.

The move will see Loki adopt a similar prime evening slot—6PM PT—similar to the streamer’s recent scheduling of Ahsoka, which currently airs at the same time on Tuesday evenings. Both mark a move from Disney+’s typical 12AM PT Wednesday releases for its major shows.


It’s interesting considering that it was actually Loki that heralded Disney+’s move to Wednesdays in the first place. Shows like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Star WarsThe Mandalorian, all began their runs as Friday releases, but Loki established the release trend for the platform we see today... until now, that is.


Given the success of Ahsoka in the 6pm timeslot, it’s not surprising that one of the more anticipated upcoming Marvel shows is going to try something similar too. But perhaps this is a sign that going forward the hump day is no longer going to be Disney’s premiere choice for its big shows.

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