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If Apple wasn't going to give people a fullscreen iPod, darn it, the Chinese would do it. Longhorn's M16 and M18 —which kinda makes for a weird Apple/Microsoft mishmash—are flash based video/audio players that look like the iPhone. So how good is it?


Form what we saw, video was sharp and actually quite detailed. The m18 has a 480x272 dpi display and the M16 had a 320x240 display. The video wasn't completely fluid, but it was definitely watchable.

What's cool was this thing can actually record from TV/DVD/CD/DV to MPEG-4, and output to NTSC/PAL for watching on the TV. It supports up to a 2GB SD card, and has a 2000 mAh battery. No pricing on this, we're pretty sure it'll be a cheap knockoff iPod/iPhone player when it's released.