Look Out Honey - This Week's Comics Are Using Technology

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Fans of technological adventure will find much to cheer about in this week's releases: New Iron Man, new Transformers, the complete World War Robot and even brand new Robocop. If you ask nicely, your retailer will even do the robot.

It's not all about heavy (and reasonably light) metal, however; our friend the superhero gets plenty of play with the first issue of the fourth chapter (I know, I know) of Kurt Busiek's awesome Astro City: The Dark Age, the debut of Fall of The Hulks: Red Hulk, new mini-series Ultimate Comics: Enemy and the alternate-Batman anthology Batman: Under The Cowl (including Grant Morrison's great demonic future Batman from Batman #666 as well as the first issue of Batman Beyond), and only someone who hates white-haired monsters from the frozen north could find themselves entirely untempted by Wolverine: Wendigo. Of course, the superhero book of the week for most may be The Incredibles: City of Incredibles, spinning out from the Pixar movie, and we wouldn't necessarily disagree with that, particularly with Mark Waid's smart writing.

For those who don't like the superheroes and wish the figures from their childhood had grown along with them, IDW's GI Joe: Cobra series returns for a second series called, unsurprisingly, GI Joe: Cobra II; you can consider that well and truly worth your time and attention. Otherwise, you're left with the tech crowd... Although, admittedly, that's pretty good company to be in this week: Besides the launch of a new Transformers series, Transformers: Last Stand of The Wreckers, a new collection of Ashley Wood's beautifully-painted World War Robot and, surreally, a comic book adaptation for the two-year-old Iron Man movie (with the unusual title of Iron Man: I Am Iron Man. Maybe titles stating the obvious are "in" now? I can never keep up with these things), there's a new Robocop series from Dynamite Entertainment that looks set to bring back the satire of the first movie instead of the... not-so-satirical sequels:


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