Looks Like Marvel Is Teasing A Second Civil War Comics Event

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Oh no. Just in time for Captain America: Civil War, it looks like Marvel is returning to the well of the comic event that started it all—so shortly after Secret Wars offered its own take on the superhero political conflict, now we might be getting Civil War 2: Electric Superhuman Registration Boogaloo.

The news comes not direct from Marvel itself, but a tweet from comic book store retailer Ryan Higgins, who posted two pictures of a postcard sent out to retailers from Marvel themselves: on one side, a picture of Iron Man as he appears in the upcoming Invincible Iron Man slugging it out with current Captain America Sam Wilson. On the other, nothing but a simple Roman numeral for II, done in the font used for the Civil War comic arc, and a tentative “Spring 2016” release date.


It’s obvious to see why Marvel would tease a new Civil War—after all, it will land just in time for Captain America: Civil War to hit theaters, and it’s clearly established that Marvel is a big fan of letting its movie plans synergize with its comic book output. But the problem is, Civil War as an arc itself was not a well executed idea in the first place, to the point that we’re desperately hoping that the third Captain America film is simply Civil War in name rather than content.

That’s not to say Civil War II: This Time It’s Civiler would necessarily commit the same sins its predecessor did—turning heroes into monsters just for the sake of having them fight each other, a ham-fisted debate about liberty and security that consumed almost all of Marvel’s comics at the time. But it’s not exactly the best legacy to build on in the first place, and combined with the feeling that this is just being done to tie in with the film’s release this just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.


Hopefully, Civil War II: The Civilening will try something different with the concept. The Secret Wars: Civil War miniseries actually did a pretty great job with that, imagining a world where the conflict dragged on into increasingly grander and catastrophic scales, dividing America into two dystopic factions. We can but hope.

We’ll bring you more on Civil War II as and when Marvel reveals it.