LSD Mystery Meat Case Will Remain "Unsolved" Say Police

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Earlier this year, a family in Florida rushed to the hospital with bizarre symptoms. After eating broiled steak from Walmart, they had all started hallucinating and feeling sick. It turned out that their meat had been tainted with LSD. But where did it come from?


Tampa Bay News reports that we may never know:

Before Elyana Serrano threw up, her sister Rayna was laughing and trying to grab colors out of the air. When Ronnie Morales looked at his hand, he saw several other hands jutting from his wrist. His pregnant girlfriend, Jessica Rosado, couldn't feel her fingers or toes.

Doctors at St. Joseph's Hospital suspected the family of four had been poisoned when they all showed up there in March. They summoned Tampa police, who tested cuts of steak the family had for lunch. The results showed it was tainted with LSD.

As the case drew international headlines, detectives went to work trying to figure out how the hallucinogenic drug had found its way into the beef.

Eight months later, they still have no answers. Their efforts are chronicled in a police report that was released last week after the case was deemed inactive.

"It is a mystery," said police spokeswoman Andrea Davis. "And it will probably always remain a mystery."

The family suffered from what sounds like a whopping dose of the drug. They had trouble breathing, and all of them had to have breathing tubes inserted in their throats. The woman who was pregnant went into labor and had to deliver her child by C-section (the baby is fine).

Police and several agencies worked every angle on the case. After the oven where the family cooked the meat, they believed that the LSD had come from the meat itself. But where in the supply chain would it have snuck into the package? The family bought the meat at Walmart, and before that it had come from a meat-packing plant and gone through a supplier. Any of those could have been spots where the drug was added, though it would be hard to prove one way or the other.

Investigators even examined surveillance footage from the Walmart to see if anyone had been tampering with the meat. Nothing turned up. After interviewing members of the family, the police are satisfied that none of them did it either. So the mystery of the LSD-dosed steak remains ... a mystery.

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LSD is on the top of my drugs I want to do but probably never will because I don't even smoke weed unless it's legal where I am and I don't know anyone I trust to not let me chop my hand off while tripping List. I really want to experience (temporary) hallucinations