Illustration for article titled Lufthansas New Airbus A380s First Class Bathrooms Are Bigger Than Mine

Taking off soon are Lufthansa's new Airbus A380 planes, which have been lavishly decorated—in the first-class cabin, at least. Gone are the tiddly toilets and basins, and in their place are separate washing and changing rooms.


It all reeks of first-class cash, and interestingly Lufthansa chose to keep the open plan design for the seating area instead of opting for separate cabins, due to customer feedback. Now, I've not flown in first class before, but the idea of separate cabins does appeal.

Instead, there's "sound-absorbing curtains" and "sound-absorbing carpeting" which blocks the hub-bub and noise of the economy-class from leaking into the first-class.


Looking at the photos in the gallery below just makes me want to cry. [Core77]

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