LulzSec Claims Big Comeback with Military Dating Site Hack

LulzSec is dead—everyone in it was betrayed and arrested. But that's still one hell of a brand name, and one enterprising group isn't letting it go to waste: 170,000+ dating profiles just got leaked in the name of LulzSec Reborn.


You might not be familiar with MilitarySingles—it's not exactly OK Cupid: is the oldest and largest online military dating community. is an online dating service created to provide soldiers a means to find a match with someone who is interested in the military lifestyle. is also a great way for any civilian to find the soldier of their dreams. So, whether you are a soldier trying to find your soulmate, or you are a civilian, attracted to the exciting and rewarding military way of life, is exactly the type of military personals you've been looking for.

It's probably a site for those looking for more discreet online love. Not anymore! The attack, perpetrated by "LulzSec Reborn," resulted in a dump of email addresses, names, locations, and IP addresses associated with the site's members, spanning every branch of the military (and those who want to get inside their uniformed pants). As proof that they did indeed breach the site, LulzSec Reborn tweeted a link to a defaced MilitarySingles page—"hacked by lalalalala." Is lalalalala the new Sabu? Is lalalalala nothing? Who knows—LulzSec reborn is already lacking the showmanship of its namesake, and going after horny soldiers without any explanation doesn't totally jibe with LulzSec 1.0's anti-corporate, anti-authority brand of anarchy. We'll see if this is just a one off or a real renaissance. [SlashGear]

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