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Lust and Drool Over Video of Hot Toys' Batman v Superman Batmobile in Action

The star of any Batman movie isn’t the caped crusader, or the over-the-top villain he’s trying to defeat. It’s the Batmobile. The Dark Knight’s ride has seen countless design changes over the years, but it’s always been packed full of wonderful features that always make it the real star of the show.


The Batmobile in the upcoming Batman v Superman is no different. And as the company has done with previous versions of Batman’s ride, Hot Toys has a sixth-scale replica enroute complete with working lights, moving parts, and a cockpit that’s as detailed as a fighter jet’s. And ahead of its official reveal at the upcoming 2015 Toy Soul show in Hong Kong, Hot Toys has released a teaser video to tide us all over.

Details like pricing and availability are still to be revealed, but the video reveals more than enough details to have you put your retirement plans on hold so you can afford one. [Facebook - Hot Toys via Toy People]


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James May is my spirit animal

Apparently Batman is so rich he doesn't have to stick to traditional automotive design theories - including rear visibility and level cabin angles. "Eh, we can just tilt the seat angle."