Remember that weird looking camera that could change its focus in software after you took a photo? Well, if you want to play with one yourself, you can get a factory refurb today from Woot for as low as $135 shipped. That's not nothing, but it's a far cry from the $300-$500 they sell for new.

refurb Lytro Light Field Digital Camera | $135-$175

Make your own ice cream at home for the price of just a few cones at the local gelateria. This unit from Hamilton Beach has never been cheaper, and it carries a 4.3 star review average.

Hamilton Beach 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker | $20

Whether you're looking for a small boot drive, or you want to keep all of your files on an SSD, there's a deal to suit you today.

Best Buy is offering a one day sale on a number of Canon DSLRs, ranging from the mid-tier 60D tot he professional 5D Mk.III.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Combo | $18

This manual ceramic coffee grinder has fantastic reviews, and is available for an all time low price today on Amazon. Wake up and smell the deal.

Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder | $28

Today on ThinkGeek, all you have to do is buy one item to get any other item for 50% off. That includes everything from Minecraft swords to portable emulators to my personal favorite, a vial of ferrofluids.

Buy One Item, Get Another 50% Off | Promo Code LLAP

I won't BS you and say that the OUYA is an amazing console, but hey, $70 for an XBMC-running, classic game-emulating, Towerfall-playing box isn't bad.

OUYA + $25 Game Credit | $70

If you didn't pick up the Bioshock Triple Pack on Amazon when it was $15 in December, your patience has been rewarded.

Bioshock Triple Pack | $12

If any recent Bethesda games have passed you by, today's the day to get caught up with great deals on Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim, and Doom 3.


Update: Some of these games for certain consoles are backordered on Amazon, so the product page defaults to a third party seller with a higher price. Just click the "xx new from $x.xx" link and you should find Amazon's listing.

If you're at all interested in Titanfall and/or the Xbox One, you can grab both for $450 today on Amazon with promo code XIAMAZON. If Titanfall isn't your cup of tea, the same code will work on the "standard" model, bundled with Forza 5. [Amazon]

Titanfall Xbox One Bundle | $450 | Promo Code XIAMAZON




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