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Since launching in 2011 Lytro, a miniaturized light field camera, has steadily rolled out a number of updates and new colors. After all, not everything needs to be updated with a new model every year! And today the company is unlocking a new feature that's been hidden since day one: Wi-Fi. Oh, and they're releasing an app, too.


Remember when Lytro first launched and it only worked with Macs? Well, the added Wi-Fi functionality isn't going to do you much good unless you have an iOS device. By using your iPhone's data connection, you can upload full-res "living" photos to or share them for the world to see as a GIF (refocus or perspective shift). You can opt for just Facebook or Twitter and the like. The app itself will only show images that you can refocus by tapping here or there and not the full-fledged perspective shift version. When you're at home and your iOS device is already connected to a Wi-Fi network, the app will prompt you to switch over to the Lytro to upload images on the fly.


Lytro says they want to make an Android app but that a survey of existing customers and potential customers revealed that "the vast majority" have iPhones, so Android owners are SOL for now. The app itself and update for the camera are available today for free.

And no, the company has no plans to license its technology for use in smartphones. [Lytro]

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