.Mac Getting a New Name?

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Aside from the obvious 3G iPhone rumor floating around this year's WWDC, the other, quieter rumor has been that Apple will be revamping .Mac in a major way. Now one code enthusiast thinks he's found some evidence in a pile of 10.5.3 strings that points to a name change (which we think points to a revamp). He explains:

Almost everywhere ".Mac" has been replaced with %@, which means that the name of Apple's online service will be inserted programmatically by applications.


You can spot the %@ in places like Apple's mail client and iCal—you know, spots that would reference .Mac.

Here's hoping that our assumptions are right and Apple is just using "%@" as filler. Because typing "the service formerly known as .Mac" would be a bitch. [Coding Robots via TUAW]

UPDATE: AppleInsider reports that the new brand may be "Mobile Me."



I use .Mac and like it too.

It is much easier to use and you spend a lot less time trying to get stuff done. I have three web sites being hosted, email, web galleries are nice to share photos with family back home, and I use the public folder on my idisk weekly to share music and other larger files. There's definitely room for improvement, but for $8 a month it is worth it.