Mac OS 10.6 Debuting Next Week?

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TUAW reports that they've gotten some insider information that Apple will unveil OS 10.6 (the successor to Leopard) next Monday at the WWDC keynote. So what's so special about this iteration of OS X? Before our fanboys get too excited, know that we're not supposed to expect a Leopard-like slew of features.

According to the report, Apple's upcoming OS will focus solely on "stability and security." Also, it will be a landmark OS as Apple will not be making it PowerPC compatible-so it'd be the first OS X to not work with the platform. The new OS is supposedly slated for a Jan 2009 release.

It'll be interesting to see the reaction at Macworld if OS 10.6 is announced. Die hard fanboys may mourn the new limitations of their Power PCs. And our eyes may still be too blinded by the glitz and glamor of Leopard to appreciate good old "stability and security." What do you think? [TUAW] [Image]