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Apple purchased every last bit of advertising space in Newsweek's November/December 1984 special election issue and used all 39 pages to promote the Macintosh; GUIdebook not only scanned in every single page but went and transcribed all the text, a great read if you're in the grip of Mac nostalgia as we always are. This bit from page 14 cracked us up:

At Apple, we only have one rule:

Rules are made to be broken.

Take "Thou shalt be compatible with IBM?" for instance.

We decided there was something more important than building a computer that's compatible with another computer.

Namely, building a computer that's compatible with people.

Only 22 years later, Apple decides they've gotten the compatible with people thing down pat and it's time to get compatible with another computer working—et voila, they give us Boot Camp!


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