Mad Genius Builds a Drivable Hot Tub That Could Make Traffic Enjoyable

Colin Furze is back with another bizarre invention that will make you wonder why more mad scientists haven’t embraced YouTube yet. This time he’s turned a BMW E30 into a drivable hot tub, complete with a pair of leaf blowers used to generate bubbles, and a barbecue grill in the trunk.


Not only did the BMW have to be properly sealed and waterproofed to hold water on the inside without it leaking into the drive train and electronics, it also had to be reinforced to deal with all of that extra weight. The handling was almost certainly awful once Furze got it on the road, but the bigger problem was the water sloshing in every direction, and pouring out of the car at every turn. The impractical project, Furze says, was sponsored by Google.


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According to Google, 1 cubic ft of water weights 62 lbs. If you assume the lower half of a person is about 8 cubic ft per seat for additional 3 passengers, that gives 24 cubic ft. The water would weigh 1488 lb and would overwhelm the stock suspension. Maybe that is why BMW did not offer the hot tub option on the E30.