It happened. "For the iPhone" has become a sales catchphrase. And in these first instances, when nary a third-party manufacturer is likely to have his hands on anything like an iPhone, the use of the term is fairly lame. Amazon is selling a Gomadic Wireless Bluetooth Headset for the Apple iPhone. If you read the fine print, it says it started shipping in November 2006. Either Gomadic has a swimming pool full of pre-cogs somewhere, or Gomadic is simply one of the many makers of Bluetooth headsets that will work with the standard-friendly Bluetooth-enabled iPhone. Visit Gomadic's website, and you'll see a lot of other headsets, specialized, it would seem, for every Bluetooth phone imaginable. They all look strangely like the one made for iPhone.

One wonders how long "For the iPhone" will be used by marketers before it is institutionalized by Apple, with a cute logo and a nominal surcharge.


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