Madget Show: Magnetic Hocus Pocus For Multitouch Surfaces

Well this is something pretty incredible. SLAP widgets—peripherals that bring physical controls to multitouch surfaces—have evolved to the point where they can move themselves. What's that? Oh, just watch the madgets in action. It's something special.


The project, by researchers from the Media Computing Group, builds on the idea of SLAP widgets by adding electromagnets behind the touchscreen surface:

Our interactive tabletop combines electromagnetic actuation with fiber optical tracking. Unlike previous actuation approaches, our algorithm decomposes complex controls into multiple rigid bodies that are linked by joints. Beside arranging objects on the table, we make use of new actuation dimensions, such as height, vibration feedback, and power transfer. A grid of fiber optics lets cameras beneath the table see past the actuation hardware. Our tracking algorithm then detects Madgets and finger touches on the tabletop.

Very cool stuff. Now let's get cracking on those practical applications, shall we? I want these in my living room before the Mayan calendar ends. [Media Computing Group via Engadget]



Meh. I never liked the idea of physical widgets for multitouch displays. Yes, it provides some element of feedback, but it also covers part of the display on which it sits. Even clear ones refract the underlying light and create an ugly distortion if not viewed from directly above.

If they used this in conjunction with some kind of small-scale display (E-Ink, OLED, electroluminescent displays, etc.) for the markers themselves, instead of trying to show what's underneath them, maybe it would work out.

I know, I'm focusing more on the design elements than the tech. But the tech exists in small-scale in my iPod Touch, and it's fine without physical markers.

-IMP ;) :)