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Rogue One Star Mads Mikkelsen Might Have Accidentally Revealed a Huge Spoiler

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh dear. Even after the recent trailer, much of Rogue One is still a mystery to us. But Mads Mikkelsen might have just pulled the curtain back on a rather important detail about his character. Seriously, big spoilers ahead.

During an interview with Sky News in the UK, the actor discussed his work on the movie, and, mere moments after saying that he can’t say much about the highly secretive film, the actor dropped this bombshell:

I read the script and it was very beautiful. Felicity [Jones] is playing this lovely, strong woman. I play her... father.


He goes on to add he’s said too much before continuing, but you can catch the moment at around 1:25 in the video below:

It’s the biggest hint Mikkelsen has revealed about his part so far, but not the first: in the past, he’s said that his role is “not a bad guy,” which would make sense if he’s lead character Jyn Erso’s father. But it does raise some intriguing questions about how prominent his role in the movie is. After all, in the teaser trailer, Mon Mothma reminds Jyn that she’s been “On her own from the age of 15...” So does Mikkelsen appear in a flashback sequence, with his death (and presumably Jyn’s mother’s) forming her desire to rebel against the Empire?


We don’t know for sure yet—and let’s be honest, there’s always a chance that Mikkelsen was joking, regardless of the shocked reaction his remark got—but either way, things just got rather intriguing in the world of Rogue One.