Mag+ Concept From Popular Science Publishers Shows Thinking Outside The (Tablet) Box

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The digital magazine battle royale has gone up a notch today, with the publishers of Popular Science magazine creating this beautifully graceful concept. Game on, Wired and Sports Illustrated, game on.

Publisher Bonnier has worked with design agency BERG to come up with the Mag+ tablet, which has the magazine pages run vertically, rather than on the next screen like we've always seen so far. It actually replicates the experience of reading a magazine really well, as pages can be flipped like you would with a normal magazine, and when you encounter an article you'd like to read, you scroll down to view it.


If this is the future for the magazine industry, suddenly I feel a lot more hopeful. [BERG via SlashGear]

Take a gander at the video of BERG talking through the concept here:


Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

And video footage of the prototype here:


Mag+ (video prototype footage only) from Bonnier on Vimeo.