Magic Bullet Crosses Mexican Border to Hit Woman In Texas

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According to El Paso's Police Chief Gregory "Gregg" Allen, this morning a bullet crossed the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to Texas, striking down a 40-year-old woman after hitting her on the leg:

We had a lady grazed by a stray bullet we believe could be from Mexico during a gun battle where a car jacking was perceived to be taking place.

The woman was shopping downtown at 11:06am when the bullet hit her apparently out of nowhere. El Paso's police department hasn't clarified where the bullet came from or how far the shooting occurred. Nobody at the scene saw anything except the woman on the ground, which is strange. It seems Texas has a tendency to turn bullets into magic projectiles.

An ambulance arrived to the scene and moved her to a city hospital, which treated her for "non-life threatening injuries." Police closed down the schools in the area until the situation cleared up.


I say let's declare war against Mexico and take care of those sons of guns, godamnit! This illegal bullet immigration has to stop at once! Or let's just go there to have some carnitas and tamales. I can go either way, really. Hmmm. Carnitas de puerco. [KDBC]

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We should stop giving the drug cartels free high powered weapons....