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Who wouldn't want to integrate a talking ("magic") mirror into their home security system? Or, what college kid wouldn't trip out when, like, that mirror is totally talking to him? Exactly. The Magic Message Mirror from Themeaddicts looks (and acts) like a normal mirror until some unwanted intruder sets it off. Then, the mighty mirror awakens from its slumber to give the ne'er-do-wells a bit of a tongue lashing. Of course, you can just set it up to let you know that the dog is digging up the roses again or that the mailman is here. Talking to it about how pretty you are vis- -vis the neighbors is entirely optional.

Whether or not the Magic Message Mirror will go into production, and how much it'd cost you, remains unknown. Let's hope that it does, indeed, see the light of day.


Product Page [Themeaddicts via Shiny Shiny]