Magic: The Gathering's Comic-Con Exclusive Brings Forth Gods, Dragons, and Dragon Gods

The dreadhordes of Nicol Bolas rise!
The dreadhordes of Nicol Bolas rise!
Image: Wizards of the Coast

I mean, it’d be rude not to invite them to San Diego, honestly.

io9 can exclusively confirm that this year’s Magic collection debuting at San Diego Comic-Con is the very elaborately-presented Dragon’s Endgame, a special five-pack celebrating the game’s recent War of the Spark expansion.


The storyline saw a veritable smörgåsbord of spell-slinging Planeswalkers from across the realms of Magic’s lore come together to face the elder dragon Nicol Bolas on the plane of Ravnica before he could claim godhood for himself, as he sent an army of Eternals known as the Dreadhorde—composed of everything from zombie hordes to the dead gods of Amonkhet themselves—to combat them.

Dragon’s Endgame includes special cards for four of those God-Eternals—Rhonas, Bontu, Kefnet, and Oketra—as well as Nicol himself, in special edition packaging that features a double-sided sleeve and a box that can unfold to display all five cards. Check them out up close below!

The cards themselves feature brand new artwork from Magic artist Adam Paquette, matched with bold, shadowed frame treatments to give each card an even more striking appearance. Sure, you could slot these into your decks and play with them, but really, they’re little works of Magic art to admire more than anything else.


If you do want to admire them in person, Dragon’s Endgame will set you back $99 when it debuts exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con next month.

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Aggie 11

As someone that has never played but always reads articles and stay vicariously interested, can anyone explain if/how these are overpowered or special?