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Majority of US E-Waste Gets 'Recycled' in Asia, Where Recycling Is Often Non-Existent

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new report by the US Government Accountability Office is claiming that the majority of US E-Waste recycling services should reconsider dumping our 20 million plus pounds of waste on Asia, where it's cheaper but also less effective. Many of the major electronics manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, Best Buy, more) have been proudly rolling out recycling services in greater numbers over the last year or so, but the new information confirms that tons of recycled e-waste never makes it to the actual "recycling" part, at least as far as US standards go. The report cites UN research that shows in most cases, the recycling services found in the most dumped-on countries-China, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam and Brazil-often amount to little more than simple salvage yards, where old gear may never be properly processed. Something to keep in mind before you start feeling too great about yourself for recycling all your old tech. [GAO via Gadget Lab]