Make MODOK Great Again

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a Donald Trump MODOK eating a famous Trump Tower taco bowl. 2016 is really weird, you guys.

This is from the pages of Spider-Gwen Annual #1, which came out this past week—a series of short stories set across all of the radioactive superhero’s alternate reality of Earth-65, a place where Spider-Guin is a thing and apparently the presumptive Republican nominee in America’s 2016 presidential election also moonlights at the leader of the villainous Advanced Idea Mechanics.


Trump MODOK—actually MODAAK, or Mental Organism Designed As America’s King—makes his appearance in a short story written by Jason Latour, with art from Chris Visions and Chris Campbell. It’s a brief story about Earth-65's version of Captain America, Samantha Wilson, and how Earth-65's Steve Rogers illustrated her multidimensional adventures across decades of Captain America comic books. It’s pretty heartwarming, until Cap is called into action on the Mexican border (where else?) to combat MODAAK and AIM.

If you were somehow suspicious that this wasn’t really a Trump reference, here is MODAAK being interrupted by Cap mid-slogan, and making threats with his not-at-all-diminutive hands to boot:


It’s a bit more oblique than the last Marvel villain to share some similarities with Mr. Trump. I wonder what the Earth-65 Hillary Clinton is up to.


[Via CBR]