Spider-Gwen Had Better Really Have a Penguin Counterpart Named Spider-Guin

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I can’t imagine how long it took them to come up with something that worked as well for Spider-Gwen as Spider-Ham worked for Spider-Man. You can tell it’s a bit harder to grasp, since Spider-Ham stops to explain it.

Regardless, this idea, from the preview pages of Spider-Gwen Annual #1, looks really good. And kind of adorable. Look at her feet!


Okay, so the actual thing going on here is that Spider-Ham is wearing a black and white hoodie, which causes Spider-Gwen to threaten a copyright lawsuit (ha). Spider-Ham then explains that he’s not wearing a Spider-Gwen hoodie, but a Spider-Guin hoodie. I really hope that’s the truth and not facetious.

Here’s the full page from Spider-Gwen Annual #1, from Spider-Gwen co-creator Jason Latour:


It’s only one page of a much larger preview of the book, which comes out June 29. You can see the rest on Comic Book Resources and Flickering Myth.