Make Texas-Sized Pancakes With the United States of Skillets

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We hope you're standing and saluting when reading this post, because Wisconsin-based FeLion Studios has created the most touching and beautiful tribute to the United States of America we've ever seen. Cast iron skillets shaped like every state in the country.

With the key word being 'in' the country because if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you'll have to settle for frying up vittles in a boring circular skillet. But if you live on the mainland, you can order a custom-made pan in the shape of the 48 other states. We'd actually encourage you to collect them all to recreate the heart-warming collage you see above, but the skillets start at $150 for a tiny state like Rhode Island, and go as high as $2,500 for the great state of Texas. It turns out everything is bigger down there.


[FeLion Studios via Werd]