Make Your Own Cylon Space Battles

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Battlestar Galactica might not get to film their final show due to the strike, so it's time for enterprising young fan-filmers to start working on some homemade versions of the show. If you want your handiwork to really look authentic, though, you're going to want to pick up an Artisan Limited Edition Cylon Raider Filming Miniature for your epic space dogfights.


Quantum Mechanix specializes in "Imagination Made Real," and they'll be offering up this handmade ship sometime later this year, next to the cool schwag they already sell like replicas of Captain Reynolds pistol from Firefly, customizable Battlestar Galactica dogtags, and that nifty "How To Spot A Cylon" poster we already coveted. Although this Cylon Raider replica will probably set you back a bit further than any of those.

They'll only be making 500 of these, each one made to order, and the coolest feature is that you can plug it into the wall to active the red sweeping Cylon eye at the front of the ship, and the random firing engine lights in the back (check out the video below). So you'll be able to film this thing as a realistic movie miniature, without blowing your entire budget on CGI effects. Of course, they don't a Viper model yet, so your Raider will have to battle it out with other Raiders, or you can do a mashup and stick an X-Wing or something else in there.

Cylon Raider Filming Miniature [Quantum Mechanix]



If you just take the wings of said x-wing, you pretty much have the new viper design anyway. Paint job is even pretty similar.