Illustration for article titled Mamoru-Kun Finds Misplaced Glasses and Slippers, I No Longer Fear Getting Old

I no longer fear getting old now that researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed Mamoru-Kun—a robot that helps elderly people find lost objects and remember to take their medication.

Once users register objects with Mamoru-Kun or "little protector," the device will constantly monitor them in a specific area using several cameras. If the object is misplaced, Mamoru-Kun will either point towards its location or give you verbal directions. It can even instruct its big brother the “Home Assistant Robot” to retrieve the object for you. The designers hope to have the device commercialized by 2018, which is right about the time I will start to forget where I put my reading glasses. Thanfully, Mamoru-Kun will be right there to tell me that the glasses are hanging from my neck. Awesome. [Robot Watch via Crunchgear]


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