Man Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His Girlfriend with a Wii Controller

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Daniel Alvarez, 21, of Austin, Texas was recently arrested for allegedly attempting to strangle his girlfriend with a Wii controller. Why? Because she wanted to know who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

Alvarez's girlfriend, Christina Alvarado, had apparently woken him up after she had discovered her Girl Scout Cookies had gone missing. An angry—and very sleepy—Alvarez began verbally and physically attacking her until they ended up in the living room, where Alvarez pinned her down and proceeded to strangle her with the cord of a Wii controller. When his girlfriend was able to break free and call 911, Alvarez fled the scene but was quickly found and arrested soon after.

Alvarez has been charged with aggravated assault and is currently being held in a Travis County jail, with bail set at $40,000. If charged, Alvarez could be facing up to 20 years in prison.


Lessons learned? Girls: Don't bug your boyfriends when they're sleeping. Boys: Don't eat your girlfriend's cookies! Err, or at least don't strangle her after you've eaten them. [Kotaku]