Man Arrested for Photographing Cop Who Followed Him Into His Home

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We've discussed the legality of recording on-duty police officers in the past, but that was in the context of public streets. What if the officer you're photographing followed you into your home—without just cause?


A man named Francisco Olvera found out what happens when he was arrested for "illegal photography" by an officer in Sealy, Texas:

Olvera says the trouble started when Alderete responded to a complaint of loud music coming from his home. In front of the home, Alderete asked Olvera to show identification and as Olvera walked into his house to get it, Alderete followed him in.

"Olvera did not believe that Alderete had the authority to enter Olvera's residence and, therefore, took a picture of Alderete using his cell phone," the complaint states.

Olvera claims that Alderete saw a can of beer on a kitchen counter, next to Olvera's wallet, and immediately handcuffed him.

The grounds for arrest were supposedly illegal photography, public intoxication, and loud music. In the end though, Olvera was acquitted of all charges and is now even seeking punitive damages from the city over his ordeal. [Courthouse News]

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This is absolute and complete bullshit.

I hope this cop loses his job, his family, and is forced into a life of desperate alcoholism and homelessness.

There needs to be clear direction from the government that the public has a right to photograph anyone at any time in any public place (save for national security exceptions) - especially authority figures.