Man Builds Overly-Elaborate Humanoid Robot to Deal with His Wasp Problem

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This is from Japan, so I can't tell if the mohawk and quirky fashion sense are intentionally ironic or not (I kid, Japan, honest!), but I am sure that Professor Sekine here just built a robot to kill some bees.

The 'bot, called Mohican, is a remote- and voice-controlled insect hunter. Impervious to wasps' stingers, it climbs ladders and delivers death to those beehives and wasps' nests where humans dare not tread.

Kidding aside, Sekine also envisions his bot doing other hazardous-to-human jobs in nuclear power plants and, presumably, battling giant wasps that were horribly mutated by said power plants. On that front, we certainly wish him well when testing and deployment begins next spring. [Asahi via Plastic Pals via Engadget]