Man Cans Aren't Your Mom's Aromatherapy Bath Candles

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I want my digs to smell un-gross. Just not like "Blissful Morning Dew Drying on Glistening Grass" or "Honeysuckle Blossoms on Summer Mornings," which leaves me little choice in my hunt for fresher air. Enter Man Cans: candles for men.

Previous forays into this arena have been largely unsuccessful, but Man Cans is different. Started this year by Hart (a.k.a. the cutest little entrepreneur you ever did meet) with only $100 of milk money, Man Cans come in testosterone-safe scents like Grandpa's Pipe, New Mitt, Campfire, and of course, Bacon. Best of all, for every candle you buy, you know that a can of soup went to feed a mouth in need. All of the eponymous Cans are recycled from donations to soup kitchens and hospitals. [Man Cans via In Stash]



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Man... sometimes I feel so bad for you men out there. Like, you can't enjoy ANYTHING even remotely "girly" until somebody comes along and brands something specifically FOR MEN, lest you be deemed one of those icky queerosexuals... I mean hell, some of these scents already exist in one form or another from Yankee Candle or Slatkin & Co.

That being said, I do appreciate the idea of a bacon-scented candle.