Man Gets Tasered After Evading Arrest Wearing Only Swim Goggles

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Click to viewFor some reason 18-year-old Zak Anthony King seemed surprised that police officers would threaten to taser him as he evaded arrest wearing nothing but swim goggles. And that wasn't even the awkward part:

King told officers that he also had unidentified "super powers," and that he left his southwest Palm Bay home sometime Sunday, records show.

Police said the 155-pound man, whose run was recorded by a camera on the Taser unit, was barefoot, nude and wearing only goggles when he was subdued.

Cmdr. Steve Wilkinson said King could not have been caught without the Taser, adding that King was speaking incoherently but was also apologetic for inconveniencing police.

Police officers are still waiting on the results of King's blood tests to sort out what was going on with the young man. But in the meantime, just take this as a lesson about proper jogging attire. [Florida Today]