3D printed Nintendo Switch extension

Version two addresses all of those issues and is built around a 12.5-inch full HD LCD display harvested from a dead Dell XPS 12 laptop bought for cheap on eBay. Not only is the larger display easier on the eyes, but since it’s connected to the OLED Switch through an official Nintendo dock on the back (that’s been cut down to make this build as slim as possible) games play at 1080P on the 12.5-inch screen, instead of the limited 720P resolution with the Switch in its native handheld mode.


A giant battery pack integrated into a 3D-printed body that brings all of the custom components together offers a surprisingly decent five hours of gameplay away from a power outlet, even with third-party Joy-Con controllers attached that don’t have a battery of their own, and a pair of stereo speakers blasting out the front. Despite technically being portable, it’s not necessarily a setup you’d want to bring with you as a distraction during your daily commute. But for use around the home, it’s a very polished upgrade that improves an already solid and popular console.