Man, I Cannot Wait to Stream Xbox Games to My Laptop

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At its big Windows 10 event today, Microsoft talked about its universal apps, Windows 10 for phones, and a big crazy Surface TV thing. But forget all that. You're gonna be able to stream Xbox One games to any other device in your home that's running Windows 10. That's great and I can't wait to try it.

Streaming games from one device to another is not new. In fact, there's like a million different ways to do it. Steam has a way. Nvidia has two. Ditto Sony. So what makes Microsoft's any different? It sounds dumb easy and I already have the pieces I need.


I like video games. I really do. But I'm not hardcore. I find myself pointlessly ranking Sci-fi movies or just messing around on the internet with the time I might otherwise spend with Destiny and Far Cry 4.

I got an Xbox because it's stupid simple. I don't have the time or energy to build a gaming PC, or even pick one out, much less get two to talk to each other so I can stream Steam games around my apartment. And as much as I would like to play games in my bedroom, I don't really need or want to buy Nvidia's Android tablet for that purpose. Even if I had a PS4, I wouldn't be buying a Vita just to game on the toilet.

With Xbox streaming, I won't have to buy or even really do anything extra. I already have an Xbox connected to my TV. I already have a PC kicking around my apartment. Game streaming sounds awesome but until now it's been for devotees—thumbstick warriors who are ready, willing, and able (not to mention excited) to buy a new toy or set up a second PC.

Only time will tell how seamless Microsoft's streaming solution will be, whether it'll be easy to set up and super slick, or a nightmare to configure and laggy as well. But when Windows 10 finally hits, I'll be able to at least try streaming Halo to my laptop without hogging the TV in the living room. And so will all the other Xbox One-owning filthy casuals like me.


Now, if only my apartment had a couple more rooms.

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The question I have is this: Will you be able to use PC peripherals that you normally couldn't use attached to said laptop or are you still confined to MS controllers. I highly doubt the former but it would definitely be a huge deal if you could.