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Man Lives in Giant Snowglobe for 78.5 Hours, Sets World Record

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Snowglobe Boy, aka 24-year-old Ben Eckerson, has spent over 3 days living in a giant snowglobe as an advertising stunt for the advertising firm he works for. And though I can't imagine he had much competition, Eckerson also managed to set a world record for most time spent in a giant snowglobe.

World Records Academy officially deemed Eckersons stunt as "Longest time spent in an inflatable snowglobe." Snowglobe Boy was allowed to take up to an hour a day to shower, use the bathroom, etc. But aside from that, he was confined to his snowglobe, where he spent his time using his laptop, playing video games and generally acting like a tard. [Snowglobe Boy via eFlux Media