Man Tries to Sell Six Dead Babies On the Internet

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The police have arrested a man for trying to sell six dead babies on the internet. The babies were being sold to be used in witchcraft. The ignorance and cruelty of the human species never ceases to disgust me.


According to the Bangkok Post, a 28-year-old Taiwanese citizen named Chou Hong Hun had the babies with him in a hotel room located in Bangkok's Chinatown. Thai police stormed into the room to arrest him after being alerted by an informant.

The police didn't say where the man got the babies, but the arrested man confessed that he bought them for 200,000 baht ($6.600) on behalf of another Taiwanese man. [El Mundo (In Spanish)]


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Tyson Hardiman

I guess we just answered Plankton's question as to whether baby powder is made from real or artificial babies.

Seriously though, after reading the article I'm thinking these were probably illegal abortions, not babies that were born and murdered. That makes me slightly less horrified.

... slightly.