Man Uses Photoshopped Photos In Plea For Reduced Prison Sentence

Daryl Simon has pulled off all sorts of scams, but apparently lacks any Photoshop skills. This was discovered when he got caught trying to get his prison sentence reduced using fake photos of himself working on volunteer projects.

Apparently Simon presented a court with photos of himself helping physical-therapy patients with rehab exercises, but when prosecutors looked closer they noticed something odd: Simon had obviously altered the photos and even used the same image of himself in several of them—only flipping it at times. Whoops.


Simon will be spending the next 24 years of his life in prison. Hope that's enough time to perfect his forgery skills. [NY PostThanks, GitEmSteveDave!]

Hopefully the photoshopped photos in question weren't quite as bad as our goofy image which is based on a photo taken by isafmedia.

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