Crap, crap, crappity crap. The Maplin Car DVD Player is absolute crap! Why we are featuring it on Giz this morning still boggles my mind, but here we go! Weeee!

This is an in-car DVD player made by Maplin. See that small, 2.5-inch screen on the unit in the picture above? No, that isn't a control screen where you can select options for an additional DVD-playing LCD, that is the DVD playback screen. Two-point-five inches of LCD goodness. I can't even handle watching movies on an iPod, my mind would surely implode into itself trying to catch a flick on this thing. It supports other types of media including VCD/MP3/CD/CD-R etc. It doesn't matter how much this costs because no one will buy it, and if you do, your head deserves to implode on itself.


Maplin Car DVD Player redefines crap [Newlaunches]