Mark Hurd Was the Most Despised Major Tech CEO

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Of any major tech CEO, recently-ousted Mark Hurd of HP had the lowest approval ratings by his own employees: 34%. To compare: Steve Jobs has a whopping 98% rating, Larry Ellison is 88% and Ballmer is 52%. [TechCrunch]

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Steve Jobs, not unlike the rest of these guys, is an asshole with a horrible temper. Not gonna lie: I would shit my pants if I had to work directly under Jobs.

The difference is Jobs starts with a vision and then works out the technological obstacles until that vision is achieved. Everyone else gets blindsided by the technology and its limitations that they forget the vision. That is what makes Jobs such a likable asshole. He's the kind asshole you want on your side. That's why when AT&T and Apple officials reached an impasse over improving the network vs. crippling the iPhone, and AT&T officials threatened to escalate the issue to the higher-ups, Apple responded with: "Fine, we'll escalate it to Steve and see who wins."