Apparently Former HP CEO Mark Hurd "Was A Thug"

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Among all the talk about former HP CEO Mark Hurd came this particular gem: According to a former HP employee, he "was a thug" and nicknamed "Mark Turd" by folks who'd worked for him.

These interesting names and characterization came out in the blog of Chuck House, a former long-time HP employee who certainly doesn't sound like he shed any tears over Hurd's resignation:

This guy was a thug, nicknamed Mark Turd by ex-HPites who worked directly for him — stories that have circulated in the Valley for three years. He raped HP employees (figuratively, without violating the sexual conduct code at HP) by eliminating the sixty-five year concept of profit sharing, preferring to move to obscene bonuses for himself and his five top minions — a mere $113 million payout for them in a year he chopped everyone else's pay by 5% plus profit-sharing. These were raises for some of the five people by as much as 400% — a tidy uptick.

He was profane, a bully, autocratic, threatening, demeaning, vindictive, and rude. Blogs over the weekend by current employees said "Hooray, the tyrant is gone!" I couldn't contain my glee on the 11pm news — best news for HP in a very long time!

The Voice of the Workplace, HP's thirty-five year historic 'measure' of employee feelings (done every five years) showed in April an astonishing finding — more than two-thirds of HP's employees would quit tomorrow if they had an equivalent job offer. Not a raise, not a promotion, simply an alternative. That number never used to be in double digits. Other companies in the Valley have reported an amazing rate of HP resumes being submitted; one large company saying, "we didn't know they had that many people working there".

There's lots more to "worry about", and it is easy to imagine that the HP Board was worrying about all of them, but didn't know where to "pin the blame". This "non-sexual" harassment was simply a convenient foil...


Pretty harsh words about a man we'd barely heard about until recently. [HP Phenomenon via BI]

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The list of things I absolutely despise isn't very long, but corporate politics, esp. those found in the upper echelons (sp?) of big companies like HP, always gets my goat. I've worked as an exec. admin more times than I could count, and never once did I ever work with one who I didn't get a huge two-faced vibe from. It goes with the territory; No one has allegiance to the company because they flew in after being head hunted; the lives and livelihoods of the (potentially thousands) of employees all the way down the ladder don't ammount to a hill of beans when you have an escape clause in your signing contract guaranteeing you a golden parachute should things turn nasty.

I've tried to come up with a list of qualifications that someone like Turd would have, and honestly, most of the time their qualifications aren't any better than yours or mine. Very few of the newly powerful rise thru the ranks. Its more like they are grandfathered in, or they lillipad with skill and connections. Their qualification, in my opinion, comes from either their birth or their personality, not (neccecarily) their competance.

Anyways, it's not like anything I'm going to write here will change the world. I know that. It just really gets my goat that an asshat like Turd here gets millions to walk from the table, when meanwhile factory workers get the boot and not even an apology. Why they couldn't take some of those millions that they pay out at the top and redirect them down thru the pyramid I will never know.

Cue republican backlash.


down to Turd's severance package was disgraceful