Martin Freeman Returns as Bilbo Baggins...To Sell Paper on SNL

Martin Freeman is great as Tim Canterbury in BBC's The Office. He's also great as Bilbo Baggins, a pint-sized hobbit from the Shire. With Freeman hosting last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, the comedy troupe stumbled upon a golden "two birds, one stone" opportunity.

Being noble is great and all, but it doesn't exactly pay well. After turning down a huge chunk of change from Smaug's purloined coffers, Bilbo now finds himself in need of some cash and takes a job at company selling paper. He also drives a Jetta.


But with Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy coming to an end, many favorite Tolkein creations are in need of a steady-paying gig. Gandalf is the boss, of course, and Gollum is Freeman's gullible rival. Legolas, a couple dwarves, and one unnamed orc pretty much round out the workforce. The rest of the skit plays out like a mini episode of The Office, just with more jokes concerning Orc genitals than is usual.

Gollum also looks pretty sharp in that tie. [Hulu]

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