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Marvel Comics' New Punisher is Genuinely Brand New

Frank Castle's currently out of the picture, and a wholly new character is taking over his crusade.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Cover for The Punisher (2023) #1.
Image: Rod Reis/Marvel Comics

There’s a new Punisher in town, and he’s a guy you’ve truly never heard of.

During Marvel Comics’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher announced a new Punisher comic from David Pepose (Savage Avengers) and Dave Watchter (Planet of the Apes) was in the works, but would notably not star Frank Castle, who’s commonly associated with the role. But following the events of Jason Aaron and Jesús Saiz’s Punisher miniseries, which ended with Frank taking his own life after his resurrected wife shot him, took his money, and divorced his ass, ex-SHIELD black ops agent Joe Garrison has taken on the (non-cop affiliated) mantle.

“Evil will always need to be punished,” reads Marvel’s logline for the book. “With all-new threats rising to claim innocent victims, criminals will need to beware of a dangerous vigilante hunting them from the shadows. Who is the new Punisher? What put him on his path of vengeance? And when the smoke clears, will he even make it out alive?”

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Image: Marvel Comics

Though Frank is the main Punisher, a handful of characters have used the mantle for a spell, such as Jake Gallows in the 2099 universe, and Cassandra Natchios, Frank and Elektra’s daughter in the Marvel Knights version of 2099. Frank’s even’s adopted some mantles himself, having been War Machine a few years back and an alternate version of him currently serving as the Cosmic Ghost Rider.


While Frank’s presently dead, he’ll likely turn back up in about a year or so. He’s set to show up in Daredevil: Born Again, played again by Jon Bernthal, and it’s likely that could lead to some more bigger things down the line. Until Marvel Comics pulls that cord, we’ll be seeing what Garrison gets up to when Punisher #1 releases in November.

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