When Matt Fraction and David Aja's strikingly brilliant Hawkeye run began in 2012, it gave us the year's breakout comic character. I am, of course, talking about Pizza Dog, Hawkguy's (or is it Hawkeye's?) canine companion. And now, thanks to Diamond Select, Pizza Dog gets his own figure. Complete with Hawkguy!

It's not the first 'Modern Hawkeye' figure to be released, but it's the first that really goes the whole hog in repping the still unfinished comic series. Not only does the 7" tall Hawkeye come compete with Lucky the Pizza Dog — who, weirdly enough seems to have regrown the eye he lost — but among the plethora of accessories including a bow, trick arrows, a small crossbow and the hands to hold everything is an alternate head sans sunglasses, complete with all the little scars and plasters that defined the rough and tumble approach to the character Fraction excelled at. Outside of a Hot Toys figure (oh my god could you imagine a hot toys Pizza Dog), this is the ultimate tribute to one of the best comic book series in recent memory.


Seriously though, you're here for Pizza Dog. Look how cute he is! UPDATE: Here's two new pictures via Toyark, which are amazing because PIZZA DOG:

The Deluxe Lucky the Dog Figure Set Avenging Hawkeye is available now on Marvel's webstore, or available exclusively in store at Disney stores across the US. He'll set you back $25.


[via Marvel Toy News]

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