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Marvel's Moon Knight Lifts the Lid on Oscar Isaac's Caped Avenger

The Star Wars and Dune star steps into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a divine, brutal warrior for a new Disney+ series.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The white-robed hand of Marvel's Moon Knight steadies the superhero as he crouches in a three-point landing pose, in footage from Marvel Studios' Disney+ series.
A Moon Knight rises.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios

As part of today’s Disney+ Day celebrations, Marvel Studio’s continued tease of what’s to come in its plans for the streaming service has given us an early look at Oscar Isaac preparing to step into the suit of Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, in his own standalone streaming series.

New glimpses released today as part of a Disney+ special preview tease a look at how Moon Knight—first introduced in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975, a series itself inspiring a purported Halloween special for Disney+ next year—will appear in his own series. In the comics, Spector becomes the Moon Knight after being grievously wounded going against the orders of a fellow mercenary while on a mission in Sudan. He finds himself miraculously healed after being taken to the temple of the ancient Egyptian deity Khonshu. Believing that Konshu healed and imbued him with enhanced abilities that make him an even deadlier warrior by moonlight, Spector becomes the avatar of Khonshu’s will to defend the weak as Moon Knight.


In the footage, Isaac’s Spector is briefly seen waking up and wandering around a museum, surrounded by Egyptian exhibitions. Cut between shots of Spector standing in darkly lit hallways and looking in a mirror, we hear him say in what can only be diplomatically be described as a British accent, “I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams,” as another shot shows him shivering atop the feet of a statue. In various Moon Knight comics, Marc’s relationship with the will of Konshu now inhabiting his body has manifested as split personalities, so whether this is Marc’s normal voice, or the voice of one such personality remains to be seen.

We then cut to Spector, now in his white Moon Knight costume, cape and all, violently beating someone up in a wrecked public bathroom. Over the footage, another voice says “The voice, in your head. It devours you. The subtitles on Disney+ identify this character only as “Man”, but it could potentially be Ethan Hawke’s character, currently being kept under wraps. The trailer concludes with a few more nightime shots of Moon Knight in action, running along a body of water and then jumping between rooftops backlit by the crescent of the moon itself. A few extra shots later on in the special include more glimpses of the detail in Moon Knight’s suit, as well as a sequence that shows Spector seemingly violently “waking up” on the spot in the middle of a street with his face bloodied, as he finds himself surrounded by unconscious bodies and scared onlookers.


Moon Knight currently has no expected release window on Disney+, only labeled as “streaming soon.” We’ll bring you more on Marvel’s plans for the series as and when we learn them.

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